Deadline to Submit entries Saturday 01/09/2018 8PM BST
Compos: Newschool,Oldschool,Wild,Badge,Tracked/Oldschool music (Dnb/Jungle)
To summit demo please come to the Feild-FX tent at EMF OR:
To remote enter please DM us on Twitter or Email Thanks!
Friday 31/08/2018 Time
Opening Ceremony 9PM
Demo showcase 10PM
Saturday 01/09/2018
Saturday Morning Demoscene Cartoons 10am
Old School Compo 10pm
Tracked/Oldschool Music Compo (DnB/Jungle) 10.30pm
New School Compo 11pm
Wild Compo/Badge Compo 11.30pm
Sunday 02/09/2018
Closing Ceremony 10am