Field-FX 2024 - A demoparty in an tent at EMF Camp 2024

30th May - 2nd June 2024, Eastnor Park, Ledbury, UK

demoscene, a digital frontier arts subculture. And EMF Camp, a festival for hackers and creative people to gather, party, and share knowledge. We're throwing a demoparty, and everyone at EMF Camp is invited to watch, to make entries, and to have a great time. There's a saying on the scene, "the real party is outside." Well it doesn't get any more outside than this!

Our goal is to bring the spirit of the demoscene to more people, and to encourage creativity. We hope you will join us!

Anyone who has a ticket to EMF Camp can join us on site. If you want to watch remotely, we will be streaming the event on Twitch. To submit entries (please submit entries!) we will be announcing our partynet nearer the event. We are not charging for anything, but EMF tickets are sold separately.