Field-FX 2022 - A demoparty in an tent at EMF Camp 2022

2nd - 6th June 2022, Eastnor Park, Ledbury, UK

demoscene, a digital frontier arts subculture. And EMF Camp, a festival for hackers and creative people to gather, party, and share knowledge. We're throwing a demoparty, and everyone at EMF Camp is invited to watch, to make entries, and to have a great time. There's a saying on the scene, "the real party is outside." Well it doesn't get any more outside than this!

Our goal is to bring the spirit of the demoscene to more people, and to encourage creativity. We hope you will join us!

Anyone who has a ticket to EMF Camp can join us on site. If you want to watch remotely, we will be streaming the event on Twitch. To submit entries (please submit entries!) we will be announcing our partynet soon. We are not charging for anything, but EMF tickets are sold separately.

Watch the amazing invite to Field-FX 2022 & Inércia 2022 by Slipstream & ScenePt All Stars



The main compo at any party. We accept entries for the newschool platforms (that is, desktop computers, web, etc.) as well as oldschool (8 and 16-bit home computers and consoles). Sizecoded entries are very welcome.

Fantasy Computer

Platforms that never existed in real life, but make us feel like they did. TIC-80, Pico-8, maybe something none of us have seen before? Amaze us with your creativity.

Badge / Microcontroller

This is a hacker camp, so let's do something with a hacker camp vibe! Anyone who's seen an EMF Camp badge knows its potential. But maybe you have an Arduino, or a MicroBIT, sitting around waiting to be used creatively? Now is your chance to make a demo for a new platform!

Young Field-FX

15 or younger and want to get creative? We have a special category for you! Scratch demos, animations, music, photography, whatever you shine at.


If it makes sound you can enter it. Max running time 5 minutes.

Music UK Garage - live mixed

Anything goes as long as it's UK Garage and under 5 minutes. The entries might not be played in full by the DJ, it's up to them. If there are not enough entries for a DJ set, the entires will be combined with the music compo.


If it can be displayed on a projector screen and it doesn't move,it's graphics. From photography to executable graphics, Blender to weaving.


And then there is everything else. What could we possibly have missed?

These competitions are quite broad because this is only a small party, but if a particular sub-category is very popular, we may (with the consent of the entrants) split the competition to make it fairer. For instance oldschool vs newschool or sizecoded vs full-size. All entries will be loved, respected, and cheered!

Code of conduct

We are committed to making Field FX an inclusive and welcoming event. Unfortunately, sometimes harassment happens. While we are present on site at EMF Camp we are all subject to the EMF Camp Code of Conduct and our organisers are invested in supporting it.

We will also be extending the same Code of Conduct to our party stream. Moderators will be present in online channels operated by Field FX and their identity will be established by a group message at regular intervals throughout the stream. Tagging them in your message will elicit a response. During a stream we aim to reach a decision on all conduct issues within 10 minutes. Outside of channels operated by us we cannot guarantee support. All reports will be taken seriously and will be considered in confidence by our team.




Twitter: @fx_field

Discord: Discord