The central focus of the demoscene, an extravaganza of executable animation and audio, it's the demo compo. We accept entries for newschool platforms (that is, desktop computers, web, etc.) as well as oldschool (8 and 16-bit home computers and consoles), and fantasy consoles such as TIC-80 and Pico-8. Sizecoded entries are welcome too.

Badge / Microcontroller

This is a hacker camp, so let's do something with a hacker camp vibe! Anyone who's seen an EMF Camp badge knows its potential. But maybe you have an Arduino, or a MicroBIT, sitting around waiting to be used creatively? Now is your chance to make a demo for a new platform!


As count Count Binface once said: bring back teletext!

We recommend using for this

Young Field-FX

15 or younger and want to get creative? We have a special category for you! Scratch demos, animations, music, photography, whatever you shine at.

Field-FX do not provide childcare, participants should have as much adult supervision as they would at (for example) a main stage event.


If it makes sound you can enter it. Max running time 5 minutes.

Anything goes as long as it's under 5 minutes.


If it can be displayed on a projector screen and it doesn't move,it's graphics. From photography to executable graphics, Blender to weaving.


And then there is everything else. What could we possibly have missed?

These competitions are quite broad because this is only a small party, but if a particular sub-category is very popular, we may (with the consent of the entrants) split the competition to make it fairer. For instance oldschool vs newschool or sizecoded vs full-size. All entries will be loved, respected, and cheered!

Rules for Entries


  • Only submit your own work, solo or as part of a collaboration.
  • Compo entries must not have been released before. Previously released content is fine so long as the work as a whole is substantially new.
  • No purely AI generated graphics or music, either as a single submission or as a scene in a demo.
  • Runtime for any executable, wild or badge entry must not exceed ten minutes. If it does, it may be cut off after that time.
  • Play time for any music entry must not exceed five minutes. If it does, it had better be a banger.

Young Field-FX

  • Adults are welcome to collaborate with young sceners, but for fairness please tell us who did what on the comments when you submit your entry


  • All executable entries need to provide the binaries required to run it on the target platform, short instructions (or a link) how to do so, and also a video capture of the production. We will check, within reason, that demos run as expected, but a video capture will ensure that your prod is shown on the screen at the party in the way that you expect it to be. If you need help with this, get in touch.
  • For anything more complex than a simple image or audio file, we recommend you include a text file (sceners still use the .nfo file extension for some bizarre reason) containing any additional information or licensing.

Rights and Responsibilities

  • Read and follow the code of conduct. You know it makes sense.
  • We can refuse to show any entry for any reason. But we do want to show your entry, so read and follow the code of conduct.
  • You give us permission to play your entry at the party.
  • You give us permission to upload your entry to If you wish for any additional information to be included alongside your upload, put it in the zip.